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The collection of photo plates of our museum is revealing for the industrial activity of the whole area of mountainous Banat, it contains over 2,000 pieces and it was achieved in the photo shop of the factories in Resita, mostly by the contribution of the official photographer of the Iron Works and the Domains of Resita (UDR) in the period 1920-1964, Hermann Heel, artist-photographer who presented works at numerous collective exhibitions in the country and in Germany.

Temporarily placed in the first half of the 20th century, the images present in the first place, significant aspects of the industrial activity in the main urban localities of Banat, centred on the assemblies and factory and mining sections in Resita, Anina-Steierdorf or Bocsa.

The external views of different sections in UDR are of great interest such as: the roll mill, the furnaces, the foundry, the steel plant, the locomotives factory) and their interiors, the focus of the image transposing visually numerous industrial pieces and the proper production activity.

There are other images referring to the construction of dams, bridges, aqueducts, viaducts in the area, the mining installations and they also contain a series of technical drawings, diagrams and situation plans of the factories. Another category of photo plates contains images in which the attention of the photographer was focused on the landscapes in the main urban localities of Mountainous Banat – Resita, Anina-Steierdorf, Oravita, Bocsa, Moldova Noua– a good way to achieve comparisons on the evolution in time of the region’s life and economic activity. They did not neglect the aspects connected to daily life in the rural communities of the Mountainous Banat.

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